Citizen Helps You Understand
and Complete the FAFSA Faster

FAFSA Made Easy

Citizen is not a student loan company or a financial aid provider. We are a technology platform that bridges the gap between students and the FAFSA application process.



Online application

College cost comparison

Smart household calculator

Intelligent questionnaire

Tablet and mobile friendly

Progress tracker

Intuitive financial tool

Financial aid eligibility test

Interactive financial aid tips

Real-time EFC/financial aid estimator

Knowledgeable Support Team
Financial Aid
We will ask you the right questions, so you get the aid you are eligible for.
U.S. Based & Globally Minded
Our U.S. based specialists work with non-citizen green card holders as well as U.S. citizens.
FAFSA Experts
We stay up to date on FAFSA deadlines and changes so you don’t have to.