Dedicated security staff

Our dedicated security team implements and monitors ongoing internal and external scans designed to detect suspicious activity.

Protecting your 
personal information

Your sensitive information is fully encrypted at the moment of input. In addition, it remains protected from start to finish with the same security standards as your bank.

Advanced security methods

  • We use security experts such as McAffee and Norton to monitor and verify our website gives you the trust you deserve.
  • We record all activity history related to your personal information and login attempts to your account.
  • Your information is housed on a separate network adding physical barriers and preventing access against potential break in attempts.

Tips on how to safeguard
your identity

  • Always make sure to keep your personal information safe and do not give it out unless in a secured environment with a company or individual you trust.
  • Beware of private websites that may appear to be in connection with the government but are not.
  • We recommend storing your social security card in a safe place and learning your social security number by heart to avoid carrying it around.