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Filing your FAFSA is now intuitive, simple, and mobile with Citizen's great tools to help you along the way.

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Powerful tools to help you start college on the
right foot

Smart technology
at your service

Our interview-style questionnaire
adapts to your specific situation,
simplifying the application process.

Follow our simple illustrated guide to organize your
financial information. Our tool helps you get your
numbers right where they should be.

Helps you avoid mistakes that could cost you potential aid or increase your risk for verification.

Select the right schools based on your budget. Our tool considers tuition, books
and cost of living for a full picture of the cost of attendance.

Coming soon

Understand what impacts your financial
aid and EFC in real-time based
on your personal and financial situation.

Coming soon

Evaluate your chances of being audited by colleges before submission,
learn the triggers and correct your
application if needed.

Coming soon

On screen tips tailored to your personal and financial situation to help you get more student aid.

Our priority, your security

We strive to protect your personal information while making your
life simpler.

Used by many students like you

I’ve seen the FAFSA before and it looks really intimidating, that’s why normally my mom does it but Citizen is something I would be able to do!

Carolina L. University of Miami

I have friends who have never done the FAFSA before and they are intimidated by it , so they procrastinate on doing it for a long time. Since Citizen is easier they will be like, "Oh, I can do this!"

Glenda A. Barry University

It’s an application that’s really fast, you could do it on your break at work online in five minutes.

Julieta P. Miami-Dade College

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Tailored solutions for every need



Simplified federal aid application process

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Help to maximize your aid based on personal situation

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Get the full picture of your family education cost

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Professional help for accuracy and peace of mind

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Intelligent questionnaire

Questions tailored to your situation

Progress tracker

Track progress, know where you stand

College cost preview

Select the right colleges for your budget

Household size calculator

Helping you get it right the first time

Intuitive financial tool

Complex numbers, made simple

Financial aid eligibility test

Get to know what you can apply for

Audit evaluation

Help you avoid college verification

Interactive financial aid tips

Position yourself for more aid

Real-time EFC estimator

Understand what impacts your EFC

Real-time financial aid estimator

Numbers that matter, at the right time

Documents storage

All your financial aid documents, in one place

Family profile

File for one, use for all

Collaborative filing

Parents and students on one application

Dedicated FAFSA specialist

Get help from experts on your side